Specializing in individual, private and strictly confidential counseling for adults and older teens

Often, by the time most people call me they are in severe emotional distress. They often feel hopeless, frustrated or afraid. Sometimes it’s a drug problem. Other times it’s a parent or significant other who is an alcoholic, or perhaps has a gambling addiction.

If you have a problem and feel you may have crossed the line into abuse or addiction, whether gambling, food, shopping, sex and/or substances, help is here.

Together we can make things change. Personal experience has proven that with hard work and guidance, unbelievable dreams and miracles do come true.

I specialize in all drug/alcohol related counseling; either affecting you or someone you are close to.

For confidential help and more information, call (973)359.0662 today.

Barbara Paolo, LCADC Addiction Counseling Specialist
30+ years experience
Active NAADAC member for 20+ years