About Barbara Paolo

Today I celebrate over thirty years of recovery in many areas of life, including drugs, alcohol and co-dependency. My own recovery has enabled me to cherish and maintain everything that matters most to me. I almost lost myself before recovery.

I have been working in the addictions field since 1982 starting at Fair Oak’s Hospital, in Summit, NJ. At that time Dr. Gold was opening the 800-Cocaine Hotline and I was there as part of the team working the hotline. Quality, effective treatment for drug addicts had not yet been defined; a six month in-patient treatment stay was the norm. We were all learning together that the AA model would prove to be the best treatment model for drugs also. At that time I had 2 years sobriety from cocaine and other drugs and the doctors hired me because of my sobriety rather than any education from a book or a classroom. No one knew how to treat addicts and the doctors were wowed with 6 months of clean time! It is hard to believe now with all we know how wonderful life is sober and clean.

I did go to school to become a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor, which is a master’s level license overseen by the NJ board of Marriage and Family Counselors. The value of my classroom education combined with real life experience gives me particular insight into the challenges of my patients.

As your therapist I want you to feel safe and comfortable and to know that no matter what you say or do, or have ever done, I will always help you find what is best for you. I am also committed to telling you the truth as I see it and doing this in a safe and comfortable way. I want to know the real you, not the ‘show’ you think you have to be, or the walls you might have put up.

I am going to help you little by little to get comfortable and when you are ready, you can open up to work on whatever it is that you need to do. I am very good at being the keeper of secrets. If you are having a problem, or find that you are just not happy it does not have to be this way. Change is possible. I hope that you will reach out and call or email. There is help. There is not too much that I can think of that I have not heard of or done myself, so I hope that no one will ever just settle. Fight for more and you will get it. Don’t give up!

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