Underage Drinking

Of all the abused substances alcohol may be the most dangerous. In today’s society many parents do not view alcohol as a deadly drug. In fact, alcohol kills untold numbers of teens every year in auto accidents and alcohol poisonings. There is sometimes an unspoken message is that it is ok to ignore the laws and do what you want. It is not. You put your child at risk for getting arrested, or much worse. No parent wants to live with the memory of their child involved in an alcohol abuse related accident such as an automobile accident, drowning, or poisoning.

The teen years are a time when young people develop new coping skills. With proper growth, and guidance in a healthy environment these teens begin to learn how to express a wide array of feelings in appropriate manners. Teens with alcohol problems do not continue to develop normally when they turn to alcohol to avoid dealing with their emotions. Whether drinking to ‘have a good time’, calm nerves, sleep or take the edge off when angry, using alcohol in any of these scenarios impedes with learning how to work through issues in a healthy way.

Adults and Alcohol

As for adults, those who aren’t casual ‘social drinkers’ have spent an untold number of years justifying and rationalizing the shame and embarrassment they have brought to their family. Not to mention the worry and fear that the child of an alcoholic lives with on a daily basis. There are things that have been said and done that the drinker can never undo, memories that will last a lifetime, and not good ones. I can tell you that if you are having blackouts you are not a social drinker. Social drinkers do not have blackouts. If you ever had a DWI and then drove again drunk you are not a social drinker, you have a problem. If a social drinker ever gets a DWI they never ever again get behind the wheel of a car after drinking more than a drink in one or two hours and are so sober there is not any question that they can drive. If you have more than one DWI you are so not a social drinker. You are a person with a serious problem. If you ever hit your someone when you were drunk and so deeply regretted that behavior, knowing you would never do that had you not been drinking, swore you would never drink in that manner again and have not kept that promise to yourself, you have a problem with alcohol. Normal drinkers do not drink to ‘get buzzed. Do you find that hard to believe and wonder what the point of drinking is, if not to get buzzed? Here is your first clue….you are not a social drinker…every alcoholic rolls their eyes and laughs and says “so why would anyone bother to drink if you are not going to feel anything? What’s the point of drinking”? Personally I hate the taste of alcohol, I only drank for one reason, I wanted the feeling, and yes, of course I am an alcoholic.

In summary the addictive cycle is universal to alcohol addiction as well as drug addiction:

  1. Negative consequences associated with alcohol or drugs
  2. Intent to control your use of alcohol or drugs
  3. Failure to control your use which leads to
  4. Denial and other defenses which leads to
  5. Continued use of alcohol or drugs despite negative consequences
  6. Negative consequences associated with alcohol or drugs
  7. Your intention to control your use of alcohol or drugs... And without recovery the cycle just goes on and on

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