Along with the computer age came a whole new arena for the gambler. Private, easy and immediate access to multiple types of betting games online and quick access to funding brought gambling to a new level of problems for untold numbers of people. It seems as if there is no end to the number of ways that gambling has permeated our every day routine lives. You walk into most grocery stores today and can buy lottery tickets and scratch off tickets. I have spoken with people who are spending in the hundreds of dollars daily on lottery tickets. I personally know of one person who was arrested after stealing $40,000 from the bank they worked in. The game of choice was the lottery. This full fledged addiction did not start off all in one day. It started small, and grew and grew. Gradually buying more and more tickets each day. Running out of money, and then taking money from the kids’ college fund hoping to win enough to replace all the money that --in her mind --had been “borrowed” to gamble with. The problem was that she never won enough to replace the ‘borrowed’ money. Finally, in desperation she was caught ‘borrowing’ from the bank, without actually taking out a loan. All over lottery tickets.

The truth about gambling addiction is that it is a very serious problem often beginning with teenagers and following them through adult life. Betting on sports is big business and has kept many families broke and others in divorce court. For some, certain seasons are very difficult. For example the fall when their sport is football and they are struggling not to bet, but watch the games to be social. It is no different than for the alcoholic who struggles to not drink. .

With the opening of casinos in Atlantic City NJ, and other nearby areas there has been a marked increase in gambling problems in Morris County and Morristown area. The consequences include financial, relationship problems and certainly employment difficulties. Many gamblers do not show up for work if they are on a run gambling and are lost in their addiction, only after they have lost all their money and crash do they then realize what they have done. Often it is too late to repair some, if not all of the damage.

As in AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) for alcoholics there is GA (Gamblers Anonymous) for gamblers. GA can be a very successful catalyst for change, and support if the gambler attends on a regular basis. Recovery is a process and is not easy. With dedication, support and determination, it certainly is possible.

My goal is to help people accept their addictions, and learn to take responsibility for their recovery and for their actions while they were active in the addiction. Goals include rebuilding and creating a new, better life without the insanity of active addiction. If this sounds like it could be a reasonable goal for you, please know recovery is possible and much easier with the help of a professional.

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